Saturday, 21 January 2012

Their kids must be superhuman...

Now i'm still 'Team Aniston' but you cannot deny that these two should only but rightly be together for the sole reason that they're just too beautiful for anyone else. 

I love these shots by Steven Klein for W Magazine.  I'm really into the sixties right now, more Jackie Kennedy than flower power hippy, and this is a gorgeous example of why. 

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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Small bunnies and extraordinary journeys

Ahhhhhhh...thats better. That would be the sweet and satisfying sigh of relief. Relief from exams and uni (from wednesday, so my sighing is unfortunately premature) for a near blissful 9 months. What has been keeping me sane during these last few weeks of working and studying have been the occasional indulgence in these delectably delicious miniature chocolate bunnies.

This is the second page in the YSL colouring in book (yeah i know how awesome is that and yes i realise that i'm twenty now and that colouring in at my age is considered slightly weird and definitely uncool) and i thought it was pretty and wanted to share it with whoever reads these ramblings.

"A good garment is a passport to happiness" - Yves Saint Laurent 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

late night shopping and january sales

ahhhh when did i become such a spender? i used to be the original saver even from like the age of 5 i always saved up my pennies in my banky and now you can't get me to keep them in long enough!!!

I used to be so good at NOT spending my money that one time ( band camp, well no but it always makes me think of Alyson Hannigan in American Pie) my granda took all his kids and grandchildren to disneyland paris, yep that time me and jaz got 'lost', and long story short we ended up having to stay another night and change our flights and all that jazz. Well when we got to the train station (eurostaring it up) everyone had spent all their pennies and it was me, little old 9 year old me, to the rescue paying for the taxi's and snacks for everyone. Obviously i was reimbursed at a later but it's still a pretty cool story for a 9year old.

But anyway back to what i bought...these lovely new cat-eye sunglasses by The Row (Marykate & Ashley Olsen's ready-to-wear and accessories line launched in 2007). If you know me i'm all about the vintage so hopefully these will suit me. So excited to wear them because i have such a problem finding sunglasses that suit me and look nice. Will possibly post a pic of me wearing them when they arrive!

I bought these sunglasses from The Outnet which is the sister site to Net-a-porter. There are some great designer bargains to find so i recommend a look-see!

"Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, 
the spines of others are often stiffened."

- Billy Graham 

"It is moments like these that i know what
my purpose in life is. I am here 
to love you,
to hold you in my arms, to protect you. I am here
to learn from you and to receive your love in return. I am here
because there is no other place to be.

-Nicholas Sparks (Message In A Bottle)

Piano fingers, bromances and looooong library sessions...

This is Kenny and Matt. They're best friends. The one on the right (Matt) happens to be my fiance and the one with the nice bit of (my) 'ice' on his finger would be Kenny. 
This is evidence of our very productive day at the library. I believe productivity was down due to the fact we were not situated in the 'handsome corner' (boy's reference not mine) on the 5th floor of the Georgina Scott Sutherland Library; otherwise known as the financial wizard hotspot!

< the reason for this picture is that Matt asked for my engagement ring back so he could give it to Kenny instead and weirdly it fit snuggly onto Kenny's pianoman fingers. Not sure whether to be impressed or offended...

"Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well" - Vivienne Westwood

I just had to do a little post of these B-E-A-UTIFUL shoesies. I adore the colour (sort of a bluey/ greyey (<clearly not a word) with a hint of seafoam green and a lovely pearlised sheen with the prettiest pink heart) and the name Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon Heart Dove sounds amazzzing!

Here's the link to one of the websites ( you can buy the shoes from and best of all they come in LOTS of great colours. They're so kitsch and cute they remind me a wee bit of Katy Perry. 

I've decided I need these shoes in my life fo sho and I happen to have the PERFECT dress to wear with them...

Would also like to give a little shout out to Shelley who got these little beauties (in a different and albeit more wearable colour) for christmas. 

<they make feet look so nice and gussied up

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Dreams are always crushing when they don't come true. But it's the simple dreams that are often the most painful because they seem so personal, so reasonable, so attainable. They're always so close enough to touch, but never quite close enough to hold and it's enough to break your heart.

- Nicholas Sparks (Three Weeks With My Brother)


(L-R) Zara, Lynne, Me, Lucy, Shelley

These are my girls. 
They are some of the most beautiful, funny, crazzzzy, silly, AMAZING people I know and I love spending time with them be that in this burgh or the other (Fraserburgh and Edinburgh respectively). They are my best friends and i love each dearly and differently.

Here's the 411..

Zaz: Zara Louise Tait. Born 5 days after me therefore technically the baby of the group. Resident fashionista, studies Fashion & Textiles and works as a visual merchandiser at TopShop. Engaged to Zander and getting married NEXT YEAR (finally we can say that ha!!). Fellow youth leader at oneeighty youth ministries. Known to (although not lately) pull moonies, usually seen with grande chai with extra chai tea latte in hand. 

Lynnie: Lynne Hepburn or Miss Hepburn if your at pupil at Forfar Academy - she's a music teacher. Also another September baby, lynnie is the oldest in our 5iver at 22years old. Also a chai tea lover but she prefers a tinderbox to a starbucks!! Lynnie also has the BLUEST eyes in the world, makes me 'well jell'!!

Lucy: Linda-Ruth Summers. Currently the most famous person i know. She's a dancer at Telford college in Edinburgh, an extra in the new Scarlett Johansson film, danced in Cher Lloyd's 'Swagger Jagger' music video, guest blogger on Cute Vintage (she also has her own blog by the way and has much more projects lined up. 

Shellz: Shelley-Lyn Tait. One of the sweetest people i know for sure. Shelley is getting married to Ally THIS YEAR, July 14th to be exact, not long now!! She's also in her last year of Primary Teaching at AU, graduating this summer. 2012 is definitely Shellz's year!! Also a total fitness fanatic i need her to whip we into shape for September for sure. 

That's our 5iver, we like each other lots. 


My silly, gorgeous, model-esque, crisp-fiend, blonde Mel. One of my dearest and oldest friends and cousin too, I can't remember not knowing her. We've shared some of my favourite childhood memories together and even now that we're in our TWENTIES (bleugh, i just threw up a little in my mouth at the thought of being this old...) we'll always just be 5years old playing barbies to one another. She's someone that i can pretend to be young again with, and be grumpy with especially when we sit with our drinks (that would be tea for me and diluted juice for her ha mel) reminisce about the days when kids were kids (grumpy young women) who played with barbies, we used to for hours and hours till we were like 12, not 13years olds who are more adult than we are. 
We would spend hours in our toy rooms, hide from our little sisters, eat salt and vinegar pringles with condensed milk and pretend we were rich ladies in a spa drinking champagne (in reality it was Mel's bathroom and juice...). 
We also used to have hair envy about one another - i wanted her thick curls and she wanted my straight hair. 
Love ya DohMel

...Just Jazmin

Our resident (Edinburgh-situated) drama queen and my older sister  (she's 362 days older than me) we've done both good and terribly good things when we were young. Such as dyeing Ratbag's hair green with things from the garden (mud, grass, worms, flower petals etc) mixed together in an old bath filled with murky rain water...good times!! Or that time we got 'lost' in Disney the day we were supposed to leave and Granda had to end up paying for all of us for an extra night oops!!! She's a pretty good actress and hysterically funny when she's in the mood to play and her accents are by far the best i've heard! Jaz also has her own blog, writes poetry, performs theatre and music.
We've also fought and argued like any sisters and like sisters we make up within seconds. Its just what we do and it works for us. We are very similar yet entirely different people with VERY different personalities. The best example i could use to describe us would be Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen's characters in New York Minute one twin is uptight and overachieving the other a laid-back rebel. I'll let you decide who's who... ha!!

“Artists aren't really people. I'm actually 40 per cent papier mache" 

...The Zaz

This one i could write lots about ha! We met just over a DECADE ago (can't believe i can talk about friends from 10 years ago surreal!) at my aunty and uncle's wedding. We left the dance early and somehow landed up jumping on the bed in my mum and dad's hotel room. We then met again in 1st year of secondary school and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. She is definitely my most craziest, funniest friend who can always be counted on for mischievous good times! She is also stunning by the way  (see picture below) and has the BEST hair ever. We've done too much things together to write down and we've been to lots of places together including Spain and Southern California.
She is also the most creative person i know and has this great sense of personal style. I love her to bits and she means the world to me. I can also count on her to give me a straight no nonsense opinion which i need when i get too carried away. P.s. she also does the best silly faces but will probably kill me for posting any ha!!

<pretty lady


Ahhh my darling Heps/Lynnie/L.Hepburn/Lovely Lynnie

I ADORE this one! She's special and lovely and down right cute as a button. I've known Lynne the shortest time out of all my bridesmaids (about 3/4 years i think) but me and her are like two peas in a pod. She's the one i go to when i need good and God advice. She knows everything about me...good and bad.
Lynnie loves the music, the rhythm, the beat, the sound. It's funny and its something i never realised till now but i've seemed to unconsciously surround myself with a lot of musically gifted people yet i have absolutely NO music talent myself...weird. Anyway, back to Heps she's one of my dearest friends and one of my biggest champions. She builds me up when i'm crumbling around the edges and i like to be goofy and silly with her because i don't feel stupid. My only regret with Lynnie is that i wish we met sooner.

Here's a wee pic of her, she's purdy!