Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Monday was super busy and super loooong!! We were originally meant to be spending the whole day with Christian Blanken but they had a wee mishap involving a zip and a model...

Anyway, Pip, our director, thought it would be a good idea to have a trip down to Oxford Street and Carnaby Street for a little spot of window shopping (obviously meant actual shopping) and lunch before heading over to Somerset House for the show.

At Somerset there were plenty of celebrities but my I was super pleased when I met Tanya Burr and her boyfriend Jim Chapman (both Tanya and Jim have really popular youtube channels) in Libertys shop. Such a geeky celeb spot but I was super chuffed when I met them as I watch Tanya's make-up tutorials all the time. 

This is what I wore:

(Shirt: ZARA, Leather Trousers: Warehouse, High Tops: Lanvin, Bag: Lulu Guinness, Bow Tie: D&G)

Below are some shots of Carnaby Street, models at Christian Blanken, the film crew and at Somerset House...

It's so stressful being beautiful...

                                          KIKI & TOTO (L-R: Jeremy (camera-man extraordinaire) & Stewart (super sound guy)

         Lovely Helen and Ratbag



On sunday we headed to Covent Garden for the Nadine Merabi show which was featuring alongside two other up and coming designer's, Delada and Zeynep Tousun, shows. House of Evolution showcases emerging designers giving them an opportunity and platform to exhibit their collections to the industry.

Nadine's collection was beautiful, very glam/ethereal/sports luxey and the colours were super pretty!

For her closing dress Nadine asked me to make a headpiece for this gorgeous 6"2 Amazonian-esque model 30 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW!! She hand me some pieces of willow, wire and silver spray paint and sent me to work - this is what I made:

However, there wasn't enough time to make a proper support structure so it would stay on the model's head whilst she walked so as a more practical alternative some of the leaves from the dress were removed and glued to her head to frame her face:

Oh and if you're wondering what I wore...
(Dress: ASOS, Shoe boots: TopShop, Lipstick: MAC)

And this was our bag of swag from the show: