Thursday, 31 January 2013

So MAJ that she is totally BA-NA-NAHS!!

I want this woman's job, actually I her want her closet...maybe, probably both!

I wanted to do a post about Rachel Zoe because she's one of my inspirations career-wise as well as style-wise. I love all most all of the looks she puts together for her clients (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson etc) as well as her own personal outfits.

Yes, she is petite in the extreme but that should not discredit her work ethic or styling abilities. I remember when I was younger and magazines called Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan 'zoe-bots' because their style choices became more in sync with Zoe's but mainly because their figures changed drastically, again more in sync with Zoe's.

But all I could think when I looked at them was that they had never dressed better. Previous to this all I thought of when I imagined Nicole Richie was circa her Simple Life days where she looked trashy and obnoxious. Fast forward a few years and Nicole's personal style is another one of my fashion inspirations and her jewellery and clothing lines are beautiful. I thought it was unfair of the media to attack Zoe, blaming her as the root of size zero evil, she is hardly locking their refrigerators and kitchen cupboards forcing them not to eat anything. Her other clients looked healthy and beautiful, she can't be held responsible for a client's change in weight loss/gain.

But anyway thats all irrelevant now, I just wanted to share that I love Rachel's glam-luxe effortless 70's urban bohemia style. I also loved watching The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo and hearing her hilarious catch phrases and banter with her husband Roger.

Here's some of my favourite Rachel looks:


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