Wednesday, 21 November 2012

We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

^  So fitting for a finance man marrying a fashionista!

Contrary to popular belief I don't actually enjoy shopping as much as you would think. Shock horror!!

For as much as I love personal customer service, which i'm a massive champion of, in all honesty I just don't like people. Well, I like people (love some of them) but other people stress me out when shopping because there's just too much of them, especially as christmas is fast approaching and all these aggravated and rushed people are pushing, shoving and bulldozing their way through the shops on their lunch hour trying to buy all their christmas presents at once.

Shopping for something is the same as love, if you go out of your way searching for it, on a determined mission looking for it chances are you won't find it or it isn't what you expected it to be but if you come upon it unexpectedly then it may be the very thing you were looking for all along.

Here's a few little christmas gift ideas that might inspire the Santa within...

First up is something pretty special, this is the Clarins Odyssey Face Palette £35

It's a beautiful pressed powder with the most gorgeous packaging which makes it such a great christmas gift. As it is quite expensive for a face powder I would recommend this product to someone who is a little older, possible gift for a mum who enjoys her make up, or for a beauty obsessive because regardless of her age she would appreciate something this special.

Next is the something I have my own little eye on is this bubble bath/ shower gel/ shampoo from PHILOSOPHY's Christmas collection - Caramel Apple  £14 mmmmm yummy!!

If christmas had a smell this would be one of them! Every time I see this in the shops I am compelled to have a smell it's beyond delicious without being too sickly. This is a great stocking filler or small hostess gift if you're going to someone's house over the festive period, much more imaginative than flowers or chocolate :)

Finally this little gift is for the techno-fashionista. A beautiful McQ Alexander McQueen Tartan jacquard ipad case £85 would make any chic geek indescribably overjoyed on christmas morning.

I love the faux leather tassel zip and the gorgeous autumnal colours of the tartan. 

If you would like to see anymore christmas gift guides let me know

xo S

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